Bookings and Reservations

In order for us to process your booking quickly and efficiently we advise you to use our booking form, via email or by phone.

For phone bookings to be secure we will need the following;

  • First name (or the name the hotel room is booked under)
  • Contact details – email / contact number (can be the hotel number)
  • Hotel address
  • Time of booking
  • Length of booking
  • Model
  • Special requirements / requests
  • VIP Ladyboy Escorts request that it is necessary that you give the name the room is booked under. We also request the room number in order for us to process, confirm your booking and for our model to reach your destination.

    We suggest that you choose your model(s) by listing who you would like to spend time with. It is best to pick more than one (we suggest up to 3) in case a model is busy or not available.

    We ask that you give us as much information as possible, such as, name, contact details, location, requests etc This will enable us to process your booking efficiently and quickly.