Ladyboy Escort Terminology

VIP has a great understanding of the models and our client’s needs and wants, we promise to work closely with you to give you the best experience by matching your requests. Below are a number of terms used regularly in the transsexual world which will be informative and help you with choosing a TS model.

  • Transsexual: This is a person who emotionally and psychologically feels that they belong to the opposite sex. All the models at VIP are in this category.
  • Shemale: This is used in the same way as Ladyboy. These are normally models with more masculine features and characteristics.
  • Ladyboy: This is someone, usually Asian, who was born a male in physical appereance, however they consider and present themselves as women. Ladyboy’s have undergone some physical changes through surgery, such as breast enhancement, but usually still keeping their penis. All of our models are under this category.
  • Kathoey: The word used for Ladyboy in the Kingdom of Thailand. They are perceived and considered 3rd gender. All of our models are under this category.
  • Pre–op: This is an abbreviated term for pre operation which all of our models are. They still have a penis but may have undergone some surgery like breast enhancement. All of our models are under this category.
  • Post-Op: This is a ladyboy who has undergone a sex change operation and now has a vagina. We currently do not have any models under this category.
  • VIP Models sexual orientation

    All of our models are currently pre-op Ladyboys. Each model is unique in their own way which is explained and categorized below;

  • Versatile: Ladyboy model that enjoys giving and receiving in sexual positions, some say top or bottom role. Nearly all of our models are this, details can be seen in their profile under orientation.
  • Top and Active: Ladyboy model who is able to penetrate their partner.
  • Bottom: Ladyboy who will only be penetrated by their partner.
  • Passive and Submissive: Ladyboy model who enjoys to be controlled by their partner.
  • Dominant: Ladyboy model who enjoys being in control and dominant usually possessing a strong character.
  • Passable: Ladyboy who has strong feminine feature such as height, frame, facial features and is usually mistaken as someone born a female.
  • Feminine: Ladyboy who is very lady like. Being very feminine in appearance and behaviour.
  • Threesome friendly: Ladyboy who will go with two men.
  • Couple friendly: Ladyboy who will go with a couple (man and woman). This does not mean they will engage in sex with woman.
  • Ladyboy friendly: Ladyboy who will go with a Ladyboy or Ladyboy and man.
  • Lady friendly: Ladyboy who will go with a woman alone – will engage in sex with woman.
  • Girlfriend Experience: Ladyboy who is friendly, romantic and will act like your girlfriend during your time together.
  • Pornstar Experience: Ladyboy who has previously acted/performed in adult entertainment.